T&P 1A. DOF and Perspective

I had an opportunity to make some photos in one of Bradford College’s halls to practice in depth of field and perspective. After this short walk and a small series of photos I chose probably the most boring but at the same time the most demonstrative of them, as my aim was to understand the difference in results depending on aperture and focal length.

I’ve got a cropped sensor in my camera with a factor of 1.6, so focal lengths are given considering it.

As a result I’ve understood that the smaller focal length (29mm in my case) gives less magnification, so I had to come closer to the object (label), however the perspective behind the door was wider and I could see more objects, for example a fire extinguisher.

Meanwhile aperture had an impact on the result as well, the larger aperture (F/14 in my case) gives the greater depth of field and as a result on the photos the hall behind the door can be seen more clearly.

As this photos are primarily about the scene behind the door, I would choose the smallest focal length and the largest aperture, F/14 29mm in my case.


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