Offers from local farmers

There are a lot of house farms across UK, some of them are really small and it’s hard to find any information about them otherwise than just passing by while walking. Some of them sell fresh food like eggs, milk, potatoes or even homemade ice-cream at pleasant prices. People normally prefer to buy products from massive retailers, but sometimes it’s cheaper and healthier to visit house farms, attitude to customers there is more personal and you support local farmers by purchasing their products.

I know several house farms around Bradford area, but one that I like the most is located in Hebden Bridge and differs with its way of selling production. They have a little wooden shed near the farm and its named “The Honesty Box”. A walking nearby tourist can find there teabags, coffee, kettle, snacks, a freezer with home-made ice cream, honey and a cake, and even eggs from the farm. And the most exciting thing about this place is that there’s no salesman, prices are written on a board and you just have to put money for chosen goods in a box. A note says “The Honesty Box Old Chamber (…) We have decided not to staff our Honesty Box as we belive people are trustworthy and honest (…)”.

Nice lady that owns that place says she doesn’t really earn money in this way. Prices are quite low. Sometimes children come and take sweets without paying for them. But driven by the idea of honesty and desire to make travellers’ way more pleasant, the farm owner keeps on doing her noble job.


↑ Here it is, little green shed with delicious treats. I used deep DOF f/22 (for my 50mm lens it’s the minimum aperture) to bring in more details and to show my wooden model ( 😉 ) in the context of countryside landscape. Because of the law winter sun the sky is washed out, almost white, so I should consider buying neutral density graduated filter to avoid similar effects in landscapes in the future.


Please meet The Honesty Box ↑ I know this image looks quite confusing, but that’s the reason I like it so much! While I was taking photographs, a group of travellers came. Some of them went inside the shed for a cup of coffee while some were resting outside. It’s hard to tell who’s in or out by looking at the photo, because there are both reflected and visible through the glass silhouettes. I like this effect of confusion.


Here ↑ I focused on the signboards because the main subject of my research is “offers from local farmers”. For the same reason I used shallow DOF (f/4.5 was enough to keep both signs in focus and to blur people a little bit). However I captured people as well to show the place working. It was a murky day and I had to use ISO-1600. It’s a huge number, but it allowed me to use fast exposure time of 1/640 sec. to capture movements.


Inside the shed ↑ I captured this charming lady while she was having her cup of coffee. In this photo the perspective was very important for me. My aim was to show the facilities of the place (to have a cup of tea/coffee/a snack and to rest) and to casually mention production that is sold there. So I used shallow DOF again (f/4.5) to focus on the joy from this place on the face of the lady. It was even darker inside, so I left the same ISO-1600 and set my camera to slower exposure time (1/250 sec.). This is my favorite photo from The Honesty Box because is shows the process of being there in the context of the environment.


After you had your drink and snack you can also purchase some of farm products ↖ For example you can choose some eggs, put them into a box, pay and take them home. I made this close-up photo using such a perspective because I wanted to show how do eggs look in reality after they are taken from a hen. I like the fact they are dirty a little bit because for me it’s a sign of free range hens. The camera settings are pretty much the same here – f/4.5 and the focus on the dirty egg to magnify the importance of it. Slower exposure time – 1/15 sec because of the weak light coming in.


Before going away you can leave a message ↑ for owners with your suggestions and thanks. Perspective is important here because I aimed to capture the very moment of writing in the context of the place. That’s why I didn’t make very close-up photo – I wanted to capture the cake, honey and the wicker basket with price notes as well. Still they aren’t the main subject and should be blurred to create a background. So f/4.5 again, ISO-1600, 1/200 sec. because of more light on the table.

All the photographs were taken with 50mm fixed lens. I’ve got cropped camera with the factor 1.6, so in the reality I’ve got  80mm lens.

In overall I’m quite happy with the result. However it would be better if I had an ND filter, had more practise in focusing techniques and used a wider angle lens for landscape images. The good news is that I have an area for development 🙂


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