Lifestyle Project

We were given the task of creating advertising lifestyle images but before we could take the images we had to make a decision on what kind of object we wanted to use and the lifestyle which would work with it. After a group discussion we decided to advertise a Vogue magazine. We thought that this subject matter is relevant to commercial context of the exercise and suitable for a quick photographic exercise.

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The task included shooting in a location using the available light and a speedlight when required and in the studio using different lighting techniques. For the outside of studio shoot we found 3 locations inside of the college that worked well for us.

We decided to use a staircase as our first location as it had plenty of available light coming in through the windows meaning we didn’t need to use flash which would cast yellow tones when bouncing from the walls.

The image worked, it looks natural and the colours are complementing each other, the low shoot made a good composition. It was casual almost candid image and in our opinion it would be suita
ble for the Vogue.

We then moved on to using a corridor. The corridor had ambient light coming in through the windows and the yellow painted walls. That made the environment to look bright, even too bright. So we considered that the image would look better in black&white……

Furthermore the image would benefit more from wider DOF, which would keep both the subject (the magazine) and the model in the focus. In overall the photograph is quite successful as it breaks stereotype and states that
Vogue is gender free.

Then we moved to an area with an old wall with a gorgeous texture and a big window with a lot of soft ambient light.

The place was suitable for an effect we were aiming for, but we had to use a flash on the lowest settings (1/64) because the shadows were too harsh on one side of the face and the flash helped to balance it out. We believe that the shoot is successful because putting the magazine on the first plan works well to advertise it, ambient light creates natural look while the wall works as a nice texture. We consider the image looks best in black and white as it converts the wall into textured and almost arty backgroundd.

In studio booth of the models meet up and start interact with the magazine. We wanted to achieve a low-key background to allow the models and the Vogue magazine to stand out; a white background would have probably washed out the images.

It also resulted in very atmospheric shoot with a lot of shadows. We used a snoot and honeycomb to direct the light on to the models rather than having it spreading out and reaching the background. We took a range of images with the both models in different poses. That helped us to create the images, which communicate with a viewer in a clearly way. They tell us the story about two persons that have passion for reading Vougue and couldn’t divide it among themselves. But at the end the desire for the magazine wins and they find the way to read it together with pleasure.

Some images in the studio didn’t work so well because they were overly cropped and some had unsuccessful angle of view from low position causing exaggerated model’s foots.

In overall the experience of working in a group was successful and useful. Group brainstorming was very active and resulted in a list of good ideas. The process of shooting in the team was useful because we could share and improve our ideas and the techniques. Evaluating the project in the group was really efficiently because each of us saw the process and the results from his or her own point and combining these opinions caused full analysis of the project.


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