A Day in the Life of an Everyday, Inanimate Object

We were given a task to shoot a set of at least 20 images telling about one day of an inanimate object and to select 5 of them.

I remembered about a cup I broke a day before and decided to use it for the project.

  • The first image shows a brand-new cup just taken out of a gift box


I’ve selected this photograph because it tells that the cup is new, perspective is nice because the main subject is in front, the environment is clear, white and glossy.

  • The second image depicts the cup in its ordinary environment among other cups and dishes.


I’ve chosen it because of the perspective – a lot of objects are seen creating busy environment and a sence of everyday life. Furthermore I placed all other cups in a such way that pictures on them aren’t or are hardly seen, that makes the ‘new’ cup stand out.

  • The third image tells us about an accident in which the cup didn’t survive.


This photograph looks quite dramatic because of the close shoot , shallow dep of field and the perspective – it looks like the debris lies on the long road.

  • The fourth image shows reincarnation of the cup into a pot.


I’ve chosen this image because the cup and the plant are fully seen and again nothing distructs from observing it – the subject matter. You can clearly see how the cup was fixed, it still has got cracks on it. I like the effect of black and white here: the cup stands ot the black ‘past’, meanwhile the plant stretches to the light ‘future’. Furthermore I like colourful cup and plant on the black and white background.

  • And the final fifth image depicts the cup in its new life and environment – among another pots and plants.


I think that this image is a good closing shot because the other plant are seen as well and it tells us that the broken cup had a happy end – the plant in it became to flower and they lived happily ever after with other pots and plants.

  • Contact prints of potential final images



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