Using Photoshop

For my Studio Practice project I was using several techniques in the Photoshop and here are some examples with the links to the according tutorials:

  • Window
  • For processing this image I used Levels and Curves to create three-dimensional look, Healing Brush Tool and Patch Tool to delete pen marks and Brush Tool (Darken) to darken some areas around the window. I achieved what I was aiming for – deleted the marks, made all the attention focusing on the window and darkened it and the subject behind it creating a sense of a very dark room behind the window while the flower is softly lit – the only source of happiness in the dark life of the boy.
  • Cogwheel

At first I used Crop Tool, then Magic Wand Tool and Quick Selection Tool to select the areas around and inside of the cogwheel, then I used Eraser Tool to get rid of unwanted shades and levels to increase the contrast. I also used Crosshatch in the Filter Gallery to make the image look like drawing. Next, I used Horizontal Type Tool to insert the text into a new document, changed font, size, spacing etc and inserted the image. Finally, I merged the layers. Together it created a sence of old book.


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