Colour Darkroom

Before working in the colour darkroom we had to shoot films which were kindly processed by a member of college staff.

In contradistinction to black&white darkroom, there’s no safe light in the colour darkroom because the colour film is even more sensitive to the light, so you have to work in the complete darkness. This means no liquid, no object on the floor, you have to remember required item location and you may not let any light in the room, so no electronic devices such as mobile phones that can produce the light , don’t take a negative out of the enlarger when it’s on and do use the double-door system.

At first we had to put enlarger settings to Cyan=0, Yellow=60, Magenta=60, f/5.6, and to make a contact sheet exposing it for 3/6/9/12/15 seconds

Then I chose an image, placed the according negative into the enlarger, moved it down, used a focus finder, f/816 and exposed for 3/6/9/12/15 seconds.

1webI changed the settings to Y=70 to avoid excessive yellow and exposed the image for 7 seconds. I like how two different lights – cold ambient and warm tungsten – work together confronting each other.


Unlike at the black&white darkroom we didn’t have to process the prints by ourselves. Instead of using chemicals we just put exposed prints into a special machine and got the prints in a short time.


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