Healts & Safety in the Studio

Photographic studio is potentially dangerous place because of a number of lights under the high voltage and dark and unknown by models environment. So when working with models, stylists, hairdresser etc. in the studio, you should always explain them the hazards.

Firstly, you shouldn’t bring any liquids to the studio as if they get spilled on the cables or electrics it can cause short-circuit or someone can get electric shock. If that happens you should turn off the electricity it the whole studio.

Secondly, before even starting to shoot, you have to make sure that all the cables are securely fastened or removed from the way and all the other objects like bags or rail operating pole are removed from the floor to avoid someone falling. You should also warn everyone about the cyclorama because it’s possible to stumble over it while elder people and animals may get confused and run into the wall if they don’t see the edge between the floor and the wall.

If you are photographing in the darkness the flashes of the studio lights may dazzle a model or a member of staff for a short time, so if they begin moving after that they may not see where they are going and to run into the equipment or stumble and fall dawn.

Everyone in the studio must be aware of hanging objects which are mostly lights and can be situated on the height of one’s had – it’s dangerous now only because of the danger of banging a head, but it’s also dangerous because the lights can be very hot and one can get a burn if touching it. Because of the same hazard you should be careful when changing lights’ nozzle.

Here is a nice article on the subject.


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