For my T&P project I wanted to explore how does different lightning affect the mood of photography.

I had two models, a female (for two sessions) and a male (one session).

While preparing for the shooting I looked at a number of professional photographs on the internet, selected some of them, divided into groups according the mood and showed them to my first model. Then I placed a mirror in front of her and asked to try to create different emotional looks, told her what ti think about to set herself up for various moods. Then we made some test shoots. We also chose some outfits for aggressive and relaxed photographs.

  • The first image I wanted to create had to depict strong spirit, almost dangerous look.


To achieve that I used low key background and a snoot. I asked the model to turn her head so that the light would create a triangle on the unlit side of her face. I really like the result, strong light, harsh shadows and edged lines of the shadows create dramatic look. As though the model comes out of the shadow saying ‘I’m ready for the fight’. I can imagine such a photograph in a sport car advertismen or as a thriller poster.

  • For the next image I wanted to create relaxed, calm and tender look.


I used backlights to make a mid-key background, main softbox and one softbox to fill in the shadows. It resulted in a light and soft look creating a sense of relaxation. The image could be used for advertising health and beauty products and services.

  • For the next image I asked the model to sit down, relax and to get lost in thoughts about something nice.


  • Next, I asked the model to flirt with an imaginary friend.


    I used a beauty dish to make her look even more attractive with a bright and fresh skin and nice shadows under the cheekbones. I also used a backlight to highlight her hair and to make them look shiny. Dark background hints on a kind of privacy of the moment. The image could appear in the cosmetics advertisement.

I had one more model for the project. He didn’t have time to look at the images I had selected as the examples or to try out different face expressions, so when we started to shoot in the studio the process went much slower, however it didn’t stop us from creating some nice photographs.

  • For this image I asked the model to remember stressful moments and to think about something negative and sorrowful……..


I used quite dark mid key and a softbox on a low power, I also asked the model to turn his head away from the light and to look down (the opposite to what we had done for the thoughtful image with the first model). It helped to create a stressful, tense and dejected look. It could be used in social advertisement against pernicious habits and antisocial behaviour.

In overall, I really liked the process of preparing for the project, the shooting and the images I’ve produced. The project started from a one-sentence draft proposal and took me from writing a list of moods I wanted to create with the detailed description of the lighting techniques I decided to use for each image and to the actual prints in my hands. Some of the photographs look just the way I imagined them whem writing the plan for the studio sessions, some of them look the way I would never imagine, but it’s pleasure for me to look at all of the selected images and at a number of the leftover photographs. I suppose some of them would work well for the advertisements. Previously I thought that I wouldn’t like working in a photography studio and felt myself unconfident in the college studio when testing the lights, but after the project and actual shooting in the studio my considerations changed significantly. I quickly got used to the environment, enjoyed working with the models and liked that almost everything was under my control.

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