SP Project Proposal


For my Studio Practise project I’m going to explore people’s obsessions and passion concerning objects. Almost everyone has desire for some kind ob objects, it could be shoes, CD albums, ship models or even bottle openers. Such “collections” may appear strange and waste for others because each person has different life values, interests and hobbies. Meanwhile they can tell stories about themselves and their owners. Someone collects magnets from holidays because they are connected to his memories. Another has a variety of coins because he’s dreaming that one day they are going to cost a high price. Third one has dozens of bow ties because it’s part of his image.

I’m going to photograph people that have desire for some objects and the objects they are passionate about.

I find it very interesting and important to understand another people, to see what motivates them, what are their reasons for certain actions. So I want to find out what’s behind those obsessions, what drives people to start collecting something or to pay increased attention to specific objects.

Before I start I need to research what kinds of obsession for things exist and what could be the reasons for that. I’m also going to look at the works of photographers that captured different collections.

The images will be made in digital format, colour, will be planned beforehand and made on locations.


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