T&P Proposal v.2


For this project I’m going to explore usage of artificial light sources that produce faint illumination (a candle/lightbulb/lantern etc.) in portrait photography. I want to find out how to make professional photographs in the dark environment. I was inspired by the images I’ve recently taken while watching sky lanterns being launched, it was challenging for me to get clear shoots as shutter speed was low and the subjects – people and lanterns – were instantly moving. Furthermore I had to set my camera to high ISO and the results are very noisy.

What I like about photographing people illuminated by such light is the way they respond to it. I’ve noticed that people feel more relaxed in the darkness, covered by it and almost hiding behind it. Faint light isn’t enough to illuminate much of the environment around it, so it draws everyone’s attention from the camera to the source of the light. I also like the way such light works  reflecting in the eyes, creating soft light and painterly effect.

So my aim is to learn how to produce clear and noiseless portraits lighted up by a faint light, torch or speed light in low power mode for example and probably using additional light sources but in such a way that they wouldn’t dominate.

I’ll need to research methods of photographing in low light conditions and to find examples of this kind of works.

The images will be produced in digital format, colour and will be taken on location. I’ll try to get good results with relatively low ISO and high shutter speed to avoid noisy and blurry results.


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