SP Project

For my SP project I’m photographing people wild about some objects, collecting something. For my test images I was taking self portraits to get an idea of how do I want to depict my models.

I was planning to make editorial shoots with keys, as I used to collect them when a teenager. The reason for this passion for the keys was the fact I liked dreaming about locks and doors I could open. A hundred to one the best secrets in the world were hidden behind the doors. I’ve chosen a wood as the location because in my childhood I preferred to daydream, think, read and paint in the wood near our summer-house.

Fortunately I had my friend as assistant carrying a speedlight and an umbrella. We started some hours before the sunset, but it gets very dark quickly in the forest. I prefer the images I’ve taken in the darkness as it drives attention towards the person. The wood itself and the keys aren’t that important, the main idea of the photograph is to transmit the mood which makes the person collect the keys.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I believe that I achieved my aim pretty much even though I had very constrained model.

Next I should consider taking some close-ups to make the keys better seen.

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