These are my final images for studio practice project. It tells 5 stories about different people collecting something. The main concept is to research reasons for collecting objects.

I wanted to draw attention towards personalities of these young women, while the objects go by the wayside.

Iveta collects angel figurines because she associates them with herself. It’s more about her, than about the angels, so in the picture she’s holding a mirror and we see her as a reflection  which she is showing to us. The angels are not as important as her vision of herself.

Monika used to collect candy wrappers as a child because she loves sweets, especially chocolate. The wrappers appeared to be a special pride which she could show to her friends. In the image you can see her at home enjoying favourite sweets. She looks laid-back and immersing in the taste of the candy. The image suggests there’s nothing around her in the world, nothing exists, neither table or coach nor even herself or the candy, there’s only the taste.

Elizaveta collects stuffed toys because they make her forget about loneliness. I pictured her leaving a lot of empty space around her – on the deserted street near lonely river capturing a lot of grey sky – to exaggerate this feeling of loneliness. Her look is very concentrated and hard, so we can suggest she’s not enjoying this feeling, but it’s not something new for her as well. The only bright and colourful spot in the picture is a toy in her embrace.

Alena collects fridge magnets from around the world because they are reminding her better times – moments when she’s abroad, far from her real life. These magnets appear on the first plan of the picture and take a lot of space, as her memories of visited countries do. However they stay in the shadow and unfocused because that’s the past and she’s already dreaming of a new journey. In sunglasses and holding a paper plane, she’s almost ready for a new adventure. She’s looking through the window focusing her attention out of her everyday life.

I used to collect keys because I never felt free in my life. Long illness luckily ended up with survival, but rewarded me with weak health and detachment from society. I remember asking a friend how does she differ reality from a dream. At that time I had refused drinking my pills and was so weak that felt as dreaming all the time, captured in my own body. I suppose I was able to depict this times quite well on the photograph. Pills, bed and nightie refer to that stage of my life when I had only two choices – to drink pills to maintain some kind of activity or to stay in bed most of the time. In the picture I’m turning my back to the pills, bed is made, I’m looking at the key with fatigue and hope that one day I’m going to be free.

The project was surprisingly cognitive, I’ve found out something new about my friends and about myself. In the case of Elizaveta and in my case we even found a way to start getting over our fears, so it was really useful to recognize them at first.

Photographs are quite dark referring to depth of consciousness out of which desire to own unnecessary objects is born. I highlighted personalities to make them stand out of their routine. So we can suggest they do have good chances for a brighter future.

The project resulted in 5 stories and they seem to be even more interesting than I imagined when writing my draft brief. It developed my interpersonal, organizational and photographic skills.

I suppose this kind of photographs could be used for art galleries or photobooks.


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