Fridge Magnets

Alena is collecting fridge magnets from around the world. It may be considered as trivial hobby, but there’s more than just collecting memorable objects.

For many years this young girl’s life was very difficult and when it was too hard she used to escape somewhere at least for a day. When she became an adult, she started to save as many money as she could to travel abroad.

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My first idea was to take her outside to the beach or city and shoot her with objects, that refer to travelling – suitcase or skis – to show inconsistency of where she physically is and where her thought are. I arranged to borrow the skis and the suitcase, but some hours before the actual shoot she changed her mind to pose outside because of the rainy weather. So I quickly came up to new idea and bought some coloured paper to make a paper plane. I thought it’s a good idea to shoot her near a window to show that in her thoughts she’s somewhere outside. I chose her kitchen as a new location because it’s in bad visual condition and would refer to Alena’s desire to escape from hard life.

Working with Alena was very easy, she wasn’t shying in front of camera, quickly understood what do I want her to do and how to pose.

I came up to the idea, that the main thing for a shoot is to have well-thought-out concept, even if you haven’t pre-visualised it.




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