Scale Models

At first I was planning my project as editorial work, so I was more than happy when a friend of mine introduced me to scale models club.

Scale models are small models of planes, tanks, cars and even people, created by individuals.

I had two shoots in different locations and with different people. They asked me to shoot a part of their collections as well, so most of my time I spend pointing camera at amazing tiny crafts and listening to the stories about them. By the way it takes about three months to create one!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Shooting the process of crafting turned to be quite hard as crafting “stations”

were situated somewhere in the corner of a room or even on a balcony. I regret I didn’t have a wider lens, only my 50mm.

In overall I like the way I could represent scale models, however i should recognize that reportage shooting was something new and difficult for me.

P.S.: I really liked the phrase of the club’s leader describing what their hobby is about – We’re not collectors, we’re collection creators.





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