Stuffed Toys

Elizaveta is collecting stuffed toys. Recently she was considering buying one for about 200 pounds. That appears to be strange for me, so I asked dozens of questions to her to understand why. After some days of thinking she came up to the idea, that she’s driven by desire to save them – they look so small and defenceless! More questions, more time to thing and she understood that it’s her that feels defenceless and very lonely, so all these toys are here way to escape from this loneliness.

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I thought the best way to show this loneliness is to arrange shoot outside, on the empty streets, showing that there’s no one outside there and exaggerate the feeling of loneliness. I photographed her with her favourite toy (by the way later I noted that she’s associating it with herself).

My final image is one of the first I’ve shot because I had pre-visualisation of empty street and a lot of neutral and even boring grey colour.

Photographing Elizaveta was really pleasant and fun, however a little bit difficult, because she’s used to pose in unreal manner, like many girls do for their selfies or family snapshots, so I repeated her to relax and breathe. I suppose that worked for us!



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