Getting ready for a conference

To get ready for photographing Educated Yorkshire 2015 conference we took a walk to The David Hockney Building at Bradford College where the event was to be held. I practised shooting in various ambient lighting conditions in the building and combining them with my speedlight.

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We were told to be aware of lamps in the low-ceiling spaces because they produce harsh shadows under eyebrows and nose if someone is standing right under the lamp. In this case it’s a good idea to ask the person to take a step backward so that the face is evenly lit. Actually directing a shoot is a reasonable solution for different situations when you’re photographing events and want images to be as aesthetically pleasant as informative.

We tested our speedlights in a narrow hall with low ceilings and made sure that bouncing a flash from a wall or the ceiling was the best available lighting method in the corridor.

I also practiced in looking for interesting and expedient perspectives to benefit photographs and to include desired context to tell the ‘story’ in my own way. I suppose that for me, as documentary photographer, it was a valuable practice and repeating this exercises will help me to develop my style, to adapt quickly to different external circumstances and to learn narrating the world the way I see it.




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