Using Studio Lightning Kit

Photographers should be aware of various devices, techniques and equipment to keep up with the times. This time we were exploring Bowens flash units on location. The kit we used contained a monolight, a stand, brackets, an umbrella and a generator. We also used triggers and a lightmeter. The monolight can be plugged into either electric socket or battery pack, so it’s usable almost anywhere.

Below are some examples of test shoots our team took using the kit.

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What I like about the kit:

  • it’s far more powerful than any speedlight
  • works fast
  • can be used as a kind of mobile studio
  • light modifiers available
  • has a modeling lamp

What to be ready for:

  • Health&Safety issues (high voltage, hot lamp, loose cables)
  • heavy as for me, so without assistance I could use it only on those locations where one can get by car (still suitable for most location I would normally choose)
  • kit in bag takes a lot of space
  • not cheap

I consider the kit is highly useful because it can be used both in the studio and on location, it can provide excellent lighting. Furthermore a range of reflectors and softboxes can be found on Bowens’ homepage, so one can create professional studio effects almost anywhere.



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