TP project: 2nd shoot

By the time of the second shoot, I came up with more ideas on situations when my subject, my partner, looks at the light in the darkness. This includes food hunt near the fridge, hoping that the microwave oven is the best cook in the house and exploring the role of a mobile phone as a medium of communication.

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Before the start, I realized that the main challenge this time could be the lack of space in the kitchen. I checked and found out that my camera with its 50mm lens has to be placed on the kitchen worktop in the corner of room so that I wouldn’t be able to control the frame, focus and settings, so I thought what if there’s an app to do that remotely. After some research I was pleasantly surprised, such app really exists: Canon Camera Connect. Downloaded, installed, tested and by the time my model came home, the camera was on a tripod on the kitchen workplace ready for the shoot while I was remotely controlling it.

My favourite near-the-fridge image is where my partner holds his hand on the door because it creates an impression of him being in control,his work is done, he comes home and now it’s only between the man and the fridge. I also like the way his hands create a path from him to the light, I think it connects my subjects, the person and the light source, in significant way.

As for looking-at-the-microwave shoot, I had to place an additional torch into the oven, so there are two colour casts. In overall these images look unrealistic because people don’t normally stare into ovens, at least my partner usually gives it just a cursory glance. That’s why I’m not going to include this category into final shoots.

Concerning using-mobile-phone images I can admit that a small screen produces very little light leaving most of the space unlit, so for some shots I used additional lighting, strong enough to bring in environment, but faint enough to leave the phone as a main light source. I prefer the images containing room context because that makes the photographs readable, you can understand that the subject is at home in the bed and that’s where he’s usually using the smartphone while relaxing. But I’m not quite happy with these images because of the perspective I’ve chosen. I wanted to capture a piece of the screen by sacrificing a better view on the subject, but the photographs didn’t benefit from this decision. I made the same hasty decision during the first photoshoot  for the project, so in the future I’ll think twice before giving preference to object vice subject. Next time I’m going to reshoot these images to find a better angle of view.



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