TP project: 3rd shoot

This time I had some more ideas on glowing objects and also I wanted to reshoot some of the photographs. Below are some examples of the shoot.

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Firstly, I took some more shots of my partner while playing a video game. This time, I didn’t ask him to move closer to the screen because I wanted to him in natural state and not posing. The consequence was a large lit area because the subject was farther away from the light source and there was a wall straight behind him. The images look almost evenly lit. I didn’t include the screen in the shot because I decided to focus on the model. The project is about him and not about appliances or devices. I believe that the controller in his hands tells enough about the light source, you can guess pretty well that he’s using a video game console.

Secondly, I photographed him while he was surfing the Web. I like these images because the laptop provided enough light to lit my partner well and at the same time it left the background in the shadow. He looks focused and a little bit bored in the same time, I’d call that usual Web surfer’s face.

Thirdly, I decided to shoot my partner turning off the light. By that moment, he was already falling asleep, fortunately for me that it meant realistic look. The lamp provided quite bright but not too hard light leaving soft shadows behind the model. I consider it helped to create a sense of home and bedtime.

Finally, I made some more shoots before my partner actually went to bed. I photographed him with a smartphone once more. People become aware of the addiction to the smartphones and sometimes I wonder if my partner is addicted too. However his passion for the smartphone mostly takes place in the bedroom. Though many will agree that it’s the best place for passion. So I used additional faint light to lit the room to show that he’s at home in his bedroom. But you can still identify the brightest light source which is the smartphone. I like the light on his finger because the screen itself is invisible for a viewer while this light spot acts as a symbol of the turned on phone.





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