Test shoot

For the test I decided to photograph Jura once again. He’s an engineer and one of those lucky people  that love their jobs, so I decided to capture him while soldering.

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The room was lit by a couple of dim lamps and as he bowed his head towards the table, his face became barely visible, so I put light stand with a speedlight and shoot-through umbrella in front of him (changing its position from side to front to find a better angle for the light) and on the at the height of his head (changing from a little above to below the forehead). I believe that the best point for the light was on side and slightly above his face because it created more natural-looking light and at the same time lit his face a bit.

Jura told me that crafting is one of his favorite hobbies and that he especially enjoys when it comes to good result. But when I was showing these pictures to my peers they commented that he doesn’t look happy. And that led me to the understanding that the sense of happiness isn’t necessarily linked to  those smiling faces we’re used to see in advertisement photographs. We also came to an idea that I should narrow the project to one kind of positive emotions, for example, joy of eating sweets or pleasure of meeting a friend etc.


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