SP2B Proposal v.1

For my Studio Practice 2B project I want to explore something positive in the emotional sphere, something related to the feeling of happiness. For example, a job or a hobby, or specific moments with family or friends that make one feel joyfully.

To start with I’m going to ask people what are the certain moments that make them feel happy at least for a couple of seconds. For me, it’s when I’m photographing something interesting, intriguing or unusual (at least in my perception).

The subject is important for me because it’s relevant to my state of mind in recent years. Moreover it’s not just a coincidence but my choise. Once two different people asked me the same question with a difference in a few days. They wanted to know if I’m happy and I answered that I’m trying to be. One told you can’t try, you can either be or be not happy. The other told only you can make yourself happy. I have a great respect to both these people and I wanted to find out who’s right, so I started to try even harder. I decided to devote more time to the activities that make me happy and to pay more attention to everything positive in my life. In other words to photograph, to notice the beauty of the world and to focus on positive emotional response. The result wasn’t immediate, but after about a year I really began to feel emotional lift despite complexities of life. In my language there is a proverb that only idiots are happy. Well, now I’m proud to be one of them.

So my aim of the project is to explore what are these clues of happiness for different people.


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