Favourite Moment of the Day: Coffee

And again I started from shooting myself to get the idea of what I’m doing, to understand what questions to ask my upcoming models-volunteers and how to depict the idea of favourite moments in everyday life. Thankfully to wi-fi in my camera and application in my mobile phone, this time I didn’t need mirrors around me to see what I’m shooting.

Every day differs with its events, emotions and sensations, however there are some activities that are present in every day with rare exceptions. For example, getting up, washing, eating, feeding a cat, checking emails, going to bed and of course making faces. For me the most pleasant of all this ordinary things is morning coffee.

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Scientific studies show that caffeine stimulates brain to release chemical dopamine, which temporarily cultivates rewards, creativity, impulsivity and euphoria. At the same time it develops addiction. Addicted or not, I truly enjoy the smell of just brewed coffee and the first sip of it.For me it’s more than a drink, it’s a process and that’s why I always need a pint of it – it’s a pause between getting up and busy day and sometimes that’s the only pause I have during the day, so I might even get up half an hour earlier just to have time for my morning coffee (and do you know how hard it is to find a cup big enough for a long morning pause?).  Well I have to admit that what I drink to start my day can barely be called ‘coffee’ because it contains less ground coffee than a normal small cup, however has a lot of water, milk or ice-cream, sugar and occasionally cinnamon, in other words coloured water, as my ex-colleague used to say. So what I’m ‘selling’ is the moment, not the drink.

I started from photographing the process of preparation, then moved to drinking and indeed I couldn’t avoid grimacing a little bit. Later, I understood that I want to show a close-up of the symbol of my favourite moment of the day – the cup. So I made one more short shoot and added new photograph to the sequence.

I didn’t use a flash for this shoot because I wanted to keep the sense of a window being aside. It stays unseen for a viewer, but the location (kitchen), direction and softness of the light and the direction of the gaze, when it isn’t facing camera, makes it clear that there’s a window and it’s acting its role in the moment of ‘pause’ as well.




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