Favourite Moment of the Day: PET

One of the most advised tricks for chasing positive emotions is spending time with a pet.  So it’s not a surprise that Liza’s favourite moment of the day is when she comes home and her dog Kimmi  meets her happily barking and jumping around.

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Studies show that people can socially, physically and emotionally benefit from owning a pet. Indeed one of the advantages is that Liza has to go outside with Kimmi. In the busy world it’s so important to be able to pause time by time and walking with the pet is a great option for that. Kimmi has became more than a pet, she’s a part of family and because Liza’s family is quite small, it’s especially enjoyable to be met at home by loving member of it.

Although meeting the dog is the favourite moment of the day, it also symbolizes meeting loved once and happiness of interaction with Kimmi in everyday life.

At the beginning I new I wanted a photograph of the dog near legs of the owner, but without the face of the owner. then I continued shooting but didn’t know what’s next. After a while all of a sudden they gave each other a ‘five’ and I saw a symbol of interrelationship in that moment, so I asked to repeat it some more times  to capture it. Like normally, after I know exactly what image I want, the shoot goes quickly and smoothly partly because I then can clearly explain what to do.

As there was a low light near the entrance and the pet was moving fast, I needed faster shutter speed, so I used a flash and a shoot-through umbrella. The photographs needed just a little retouch, I changed white balance and darkened a side of wardrobe because it reflected the light from the flash.



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