This time we had an opportunity to cooperate with make-up students. One of my models was a Victorian-style girl.

Make-up artist: Matthew Mc Knight

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I wanted to add some narrative to the photographs, so  I decided to refer to the dawn of photographic era. At the beginning it took more than a while to expose one picture, for example it took up to 15 minutes to expose earliest daguerreotypes. For people it’s almost impossible to hold a pose for so long. It lead to invention of different tricks like stable pose, leaning on objects and using stands. Another result of such a long exposure was the absence of of smiles as well as any other emotions on faces. When looking at those first photographs it could be also noticed that when a person wasn’t holding hands on an object, he or she was holding hands down, folding arms etc.

On many photographs of that era you can see quite dark backgrounds, so I thought a mid-key background is my way to go. I used a softbox to create a soft light inherent to the era.

As her hairstyle is important part of the style, I payed special attention to retouching it in Camera Raw – I covered her hair by a mask and increased the clarity to add more volume and texture.


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