Group exercise to learn how to shoot and post process clothes. We used a soft box, reflector from the beneath and a couple of lights to light the background. We used two different dummies – one full-length and one short without hands and with cut out part to make a logo inside a t-shirt visible. We used clips to put the clothes in order and rolls of paper to create a volume inside the sleeves. One of the most important features is to arrange clothes so that they would look nice and tidy.

The T-shirt below was shoot on the full-length dummy, so the logo wasn’t visible. However as we got the logo shot separately I decided to try to insert it inside the cut-out T-shirt. The problem was that the edge was curved in the opposite side, so I looked up at a couple of techniques and combined them: I Liquefied the logo to manually change the curve and then used Wrap tool to get the optimal curve. I seed Pen Tool to cut the logo and the T-shirt out and put the logo on the layer below the T-shirt layer.

Teeshirt for cut-out WEB



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