I did a photo shoot for a new and growing IT company. As I was photographing in their office, I chose  a white wall as a background and made several test shots creating different degrees of mid key background by changing the distance between the light source (speedlight with white umbrella), a person and the wall. I also understood that I can’t do without a reflector which I didn’t have with me. But thankfully to the gumption of an employee we found a perfect solution- a big whiteboard on wheels and rotating around a horizontal axis, so I found it extremely easy to use. Then I let my clients to decide which background do they want and they stopped at a quite dark one because it made the staff look more seriously  and that matches the way they want to be treated. For the same reason among the final images (from 2 to 4 for each person) they chose those with fairly serious face expressions.

Most of the people entered the room saying that they don’t like to be photographed and/or don’t know what to do and/or they aren’t photogenic. For most of them (and for me as well) the shoot was a stressful situation. I had never photographed people who don’t interact with any objects and don’t perform any actions. So I tried to find an appropriate way of working for each one, joking with some, being serious with others. With several especially tense people we tried shooting in action – I asked them to turn away  and then to turn toward camera  on count three.


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