Leonarda test 2

This time I decided to photograph Leonarda outdoors to see if I can maintain narrative without having all her things to arrange the frame. On the other hand I wanted to have context in images, so I came when she was working in the garden preparing it for the next spring. It was a dreary day, so I decided to use a speedlight to highlight Leonarda, to make her look standing out of this gray day because she is so optimistic and active! But she was constantly moving, so instead of a white umbrella this time I used a card as a reflector, respectively the speedlight was placed on the camera. 

While I was photographing, Leonarda was moving compost from the road to the backyard using a spade, a bag and a children skate. 


I’ve chosen this photograph because of Leonarda s pose and facial expression. It depicts how cheerful she is while doing the work that others might consider hard and unpleasant. Her childish-like pose depicts that she takes the work as a game or an adventure.


1 Exposure correction


2 Curves to add contrast


3 Saturation decreased 

4 Vignetting to make the subject stand out of the image

a) gradient fill


b) mask


Final result:




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