Painted Face Makeup

When I was working with make-up artists and one of them stepped into the room together with a model looking as a sculpture, I remembered hundreds of hours I spent in my childhood looking at painting reproductions in my favourite books. In that single moment I understood what do I want this photographs to look like. I wanted to get rid of any details bringing a viewer into reality, so I asked the model to cover unpainted neck and a top with her hair. I decided to make her look like she’s emerging from the background.

So I used a speed light, shoot-through white umbrella and a black flag as a background. I asked the model to stand in a distance from the background and set the flash on a low power to avoid lighting the flag.

I directed position of the model’s face and the direction of her gaze to create a feeling of a painting.

Makeup artist: Harriett Rothery

Without Dry Brush filter:

With Dry Brush filter:

The process

1 Original:


2 Detail correction

a) removing body


b) eyes (before and after) – capillaries and highlights

c) removing jewelry (before and after)

after all detail correction:


3 Curves


4 Decreasing highlights on the cheek


5 Dry Brush filter


6 Crop


7 Increasing painterly effect in the eyes:




8 Floating face

Alternative result:




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