Red Lips Makeup

I was collaborating with a make-up artist to create a series of photographs capturing the same model wearing the same makeup and hairstyle but in different clothes.

One of the dresses she wore was a lace black dress and I wanted her to look sharp and self-confident while wearing the dress. Thus I set high key background creating kind of bright aura around the model. I used beauty dish on the right side as the main light source and an additional soft box on the left side.I directed the model to take strong confident poses.

Makeup artist: Sheila Asante

Next two dresses were glossy so I decided to try turning bowl reflectors towards the model instead of using snoods. I wanted to see glints of light on the dark background that would correspond glossy surface of the dresses. At the same time these lights were directed towards the model and highlighted her from the backside. I used two soft boxes, main on the right side and an additional to fill in the shadows on the left side.

In this way I created two different moods using different lighting techniques. One look is confident and daring, other is soft and intimate. Thus lighting techniques should be considered deliberately because they can alter meaning of a photograph. Lighting should benefit and promote narrative. For me it’s especially important because for my personal project I’m telling a story through narrative portraits.

sh1         sh2        sh3


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