Retro Look Makeup

When I was collaborating with make-up artists, I saw this model which reminded me a retro girl and remembered an abandoned staircase in the college building. I went to check if it’s still opened and has an old wall with cracked and falling off paint. Fortunately the wall was still there, its colours were matching the makeup, skin, hair and dress colours of the model while abandoned condition of the staircase matched my perception of the look – melancholy for the past. The cracks on the wall act as cracks on photo prints extant from 1920’s.

Make-up artist: Sheila Asante

For my personal project I’m going to take a series of narrative portraits about migrants, I’m aiming to reveal their personalities to a viewer and so I’ll need to place clues into the frame. Thus it is significant to be able to find and choose right environment to place the subject in. A person might look too ordinary or too weird if placed into inappropriate environment and vice versa a photograph might start talking to a viewer if a person, light and environment correspond each other like it happened with this model when she was standing on the staircase.



1 First of all I applied detail correction, dodge and burn layers


2 Then I did some general skin correction

a) surface blur layer


b) high pass layer to bring detail back


c) blend mode – hard light


d) mask to apply these layers to skin only and dropped opacity to maintain natural look


3 Curves to increase contrast


4 Levels to set the lightest point


rl1       rl2


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