Queen Elizabeth I Fashion Look

These photographs were taken for a make-up artist. She created a fashion look inspired by Queen Elizabeth I. My aim was to maintain balance between fashion and narrative. When the model came in she looked shy and scared of me, so I had to cheer her up, make her feel more comfortable and explain that I need confident look. I’m an introvert so it’s easy for me to understand how does a person feel when shy and thus I can find words to make a person feel more relaxed. During my personal projects featuring narrative portraits I work with people who aren’t professional models, so talking to them to make them feel comfortable while I’m photographing is my usual routine. And I find it quite easy when working tete-a-tete. However I’m still working on it, trying to develop my interpersonal skills.

Makeup artist: Makala Fairley

During the post-process I payed a lot of attention to the eyes because the power of gaze can make a person look empowered and in this case it’s what I’m aiming for.

It was also important to emphasize golden tones in the photograph as it’s a clue to the source of inspiration and so it’s important for narrative.

1 Original:


2 Adjustments – hand’s colour to make it more similar to fingers covered in golden paint, highlights in the eyes, lightened and increased temperature (white balance) within some strands of hair to make them complement golden tones:


3 Detail correction (blemishes, hanging threads etc):


4 Dodge & Burn layer (highlights on the fingers, shadows under cheekbones, darkened eyelashes and eyebrows):


5 Surface Blur to smooth the skin + High Pass to bring back details (applied as hard light):


6 Previous two layers applied as a mask on required areas, opacity reduced to 55%:


7 Curves to increase contrast:


qef1       qef2


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