Queen Elizabeth I Film Look

These photographs were made for make-up artist, she created a film look inspired by Queen Elizabeth I. The queen was a a powerful figure in the history, so to develop the narrative I aimed to capture strong, confident and reserved gaze. At some point it corresponds what I’m doing for my personal project about migrants – it takes a lot of determination and inner force to change your life and I’m going to produce portraits that depict depict it.

For this photography I also decided to turn rear lights towards the model and to highlight the wig and to make the model “glow” to emphasize queen’s glory.

Makeup artist: Makala Fairley

As I wanted to depict the power of queen through the power of gaze of the model, I payed special attention to model’s eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows while editing the image.

1 Original:


2 Highlights in the eyes:


3 Detail correction including blemishes and eyes colour (green cast in the eyes):


Then I also removed tiny vessels from eyeballs.

4 Surface Blur layer to add smoothness and High Pass layer (hard light) to bring details back:


5 Previous two layers applied as a mask on required areas only, opacity decreased to 83%


6 Burn to darken eyebrows, lashes and outer circle of pupil of the eye to make the eyes more expressive to emphasize the gaze:


7 Curves to increase contrast:


qefilm1       qefilm2       qefilm3



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