What’s next?

During the module I was testing different techniques  and processes and how they can be used to develop narrative. So here are my conclusions and points that I’m going to consider regarding my final project:

  • Environment – should be chosen thoughtfully because it can alter the meaning of a photograph
  • Hands and objects – are alternative way to portray a person
  • Gaze – creates a mood, characterizes a person, can empower
  • Poses – can highlight mood, state of mind and physical state. Can also empower, but it is more about external manifestations than about inner force
  • Saturation – can make photographs look more or less natural and thus recognizable. High saturation can highlight brightly coloured objects and divert attention from the whole image. Low saturation makes an image look more even and prevents paying attention to bright-coloured objects only. Thus it can change narrative
  • Lighting – influences mood, internal and visual characteristics of a subject, promotes emotional perception of a photograph.
  • Process of photographing – should be chosen and conducted according to subject’s characteristics; might be slow or fast, might include more talking or listening to a person, some people need to be constantly directed while others act by themselves.

I will consider everything mentioned above to develop narrative, to tell the story in understandable way and at the same time to create aesthetically pleasing and thus attractive for a viewer photographs. I aim to catch viewer’s eye by visually appealing images to immerse in the story and so to “read” it and understand it.


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