Leonarda 4


Leonarda was studying agriculture when she was young, but she couldn’t imagine that it could ever become her passion. Decades later she went to study gardening. When she moved to Britain, she was (and still is) fascinated by English gardens and it was her dream to have a large garden to grow flowers, berries and vegetables. Last autumn she, her daughter and grandson moved to a house with a big garden and started to put it in the order. Leonarda spends most of her free time with the grandson and so she’s teaching him about flowers, gardening and useful properties of plants at the same time turning it all into a game.

It’s hard to determine whether gardening in this case is a part of adaptation or assimilation. She’s fulfilling the dream she had for years because she finally has a garden. On one hand, she’s doing it in her own ‘world’, but on the other hand her actions are inspired by local examples. I think, there is always a bound between adaptation and assimilation. Proportions can change, but where one happens, the other is in the state of nature as well.

(Outcome 01)

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