Anna 03

Please note these are unedited versions of the images.

I always liked animals, dreamed about having a dog or a cat, but never had a chance to have one. But almost two years after I moved to Britain a small kitten appeared in my garden, entered my home and never went away. Just in the right moment when I had a depression because I was missing my country, family, friends and work. The appearance of  the kitten was the first moment when I felt like being at home. That was first step in my adaptation to new place, so now I’m starting to tell my story of assimilation and adaptation with the pictures of my friendship with the cat. By the way I named him Behemoth because he looked like a hippopotamus when a kitten.

Among the chosen photographs I prefer the one I’ve put the first because it shows how relaxed both of us feel when together. I suppose it was this feeling of relaxation caused by the presence of the pet which was the first moment that helped me to get used to new life.

The environment tells a little bit more about me. Roses on the window tell that I like to grow plants, Totoro toy as a clue for my admiration of Studio Ghibly works.

From the technical side I’ve finally  found a way to use Canon Camera Connect with a flash. The application is very useful for taking self-portraits, but doesn’t work with my triggers, however  works with on-camera speedlight, but the direct light is too harsh and there’s no usable surface in the room to reflect the light, so this time I put a silver umbrella onto a light stand, camera on a tripod, speedlight on the camera and facing the umbrella.

(Outcome 1)

Contact sheets:

cat1cs1          cat1cs2          cat1cs3


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