me: Exploring Public Paths

Another activity that helps me both to adopt and to assimilate in Britain.

*Unedited files

I wasn’t involved into hiking  when living in Latvia, but it became one of my favorite activities here in Britain. Due to mild weather conditions it’s possible to hike during most of the year. What I found one of the most incredible features of hiking during my first year in Britain was that many passers-by would greet me or even talk to me which is not done in my country and first couple of times seemed very strange to me. It allowed me to feel as a part of society when I was lacking communication so much. Furthermore I used to live in the outskirts of Riga (Latvia) surrounded by woods, rivers, reservoir and the sea, all in walking distance from home, so when I moved to Bradford I felt like I got into the asphalt kingdom, but when hiking I finally felt comfortable, ‘at home’.

I have a huge book “1000 Walks in Britain”, calculated that even if I do one walk every week (which is very unlikely due to the amount of other activities I’m participating in), it will take me about 19 years to visit all the places mentioned. The book contains just a tiny amount of pathways in Britain.

(Outcome 1)

Contact Sheets:

walking1cs1          walking1cs2


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