Yuri 1: going to pubs

My research has shown that eating habits are very important in maintaining cultural identity, in particular when it comes to migration. According to statistics  (see research folder), the longer a person lives in the host country, the less often he or she eats ethnic food. In Yuri’s case transition to English eating habits is rather fast.

In Latvia there is a lot of very affordable cafes and restaurants to have a proper meal at, while in West Yorkshire cafes normally serve only light snacks and restaurants are quite expensive, at list for a newcomer. So the question was, where do people eat if not at home? It took some time to figure out that these places are pubs. For Latvia pubs are something quite new, mostly appearing since the country joined EU and tourists from Britain started to come.

Both of us, Yuri and me, thought that pubs are places to have a drink and were really surprised when we decided to risk and order food in a pub for the very first time and it was actually great! We were so happy that we have finally figured out where to eat outside the home!

Since then pubs are most common places for Yuri to meet friends or to have a lunch on his college days. Couple times a month we go to a pub for a pint of delicious beer. Pubs are a part of British culture, social life and eating habits and thus Yuri’s practice of going to pubs is a good example of assimilation.

(Outcome 1)

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