Yuri: fencing 1


According to my research  (please see research folder), sport is a powerful tool for integrating people into society, especially team sports because of interpersonal interaction.

Yuri wanted to learn to fence since he was a teen. During one of our visits to the Royal Armories Museum in Leeds we saw fencing demonstration and Yuri was fascinated by it. Couple months later Bradford Fencing Club had an opened session for Bradford College students and Yuri gave it a go. Thus he joined the club, started to train and met people with similar interests.

I went to the club to depict him fencing with his peers, but faced some problems including low light conditions. I was able to use a speedlight only for a short time because it would disturb the tournament. Even on high ISO and wide opened aperture shutter speed was too low to capture the movement. Anorhet complication was that there are some children under 18 in the club, so I had to be very picky when choosing the angle to avoid capturing them.

Next time I’m planing to shoot outside the club to solve above-mentioned.

(Outcome 1)

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